Strategic Partnership Executive - Advertising and CRM 策略夥伴專員- 廣告及顧客關係

Taipei City, Taiwan
Full Time
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What You'll Do / Responsibilities

1. To provide the ads solution for RST partners in order to optimize performance.
2. To identify the new partner sectors in ads solution service.
3. To promote EZTABLE gift card for CRM purpose.
4. To work with the teams for the strategic planning on sales purpose.

Required Qualifications

1. Have the ambition to join the largest online dining platform in Taiwan and have the ability to adopt the rapid business growth.
2. Problem solving skills - Being able to seek issues and identify the root cause of a problem as opposed to focusing on the symptoms.
3. A good team player and quick learner on tech.
4. Excellent communication skills.

Benefits / Compensation

- 保障第13個月獎金
- 員工勞保、健保、勞工退休金
- 員工免費團保(通過試用期)
- 週休二日
- 上班時間:09:00~10:00 ; 下班時間:18:00~19:00
- 年度特休假
- 優於勞基法的特別休假-適用期通過,享12~17天員工福利假
- 定期舉辦公司活動
- 每月餐飲休閒補助
- 配置MAC筆記型電腦


TWD 40,000 ~ 64,000 / month
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